Wednesday, September 9, 2009

GED Learning Centers

Perhaps the last place you (as a GED candidate) or you (as a GED teacher/tutor) want to be this summer is in a GED Learning Center.

As a teacher, you probably need/want a much deserved break. Although with the economy the way it is.... I am sure you will take any work you can! And certainly, there is a continued need for those types of services. As an instructor who works in an Adult Learning Center, I get new students every day! Students who are needing their GED, students who need to brush up on their basic skill to get into a program, and students who need to brush up on their skills to either get or keep their job. The need is there and it takes each of us to put in the extra effort! Thank you to each of you who are there in the front line helping those students! You make an effort EACH time you step into the classroom.

If you are a student, you also may be feeling the need to take a break. But now is NOT the time to take break. Now is the time to forge forward! They say the economy is slowly turning around.. but not fast enough! Take the time to faithfully work with a teacher/tutor. If you are able to get to a Learning Center, go and work with your instructors. I realize that it is not always easy or even possible at times. You have family responsibilities and hopefully... you also are also one of the lucky ones who has a job responsibility. Don't let anyone or anything slow you down as you continue to forge on and work at your goal!