Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The GED Test and a Job

I got a job! I am hearing it more and more with the students in the Learning Center. But equally, I am also hearing students talk about the job that they recently lost. Does this sound familiar?

There does seem to be a gradual increasing of job availability. How does this affect the students? Well, for some students they are switching the time that they are able to come to school and study. Some simply don't come back. Some, believe it or not, decide that their education is more important and say "no" to the job.

It is certainly understandable. These students, just like you and me, must put food on the table and keep a roof over our heads. And... it perhaps means taking a job today that we would not have taken even 3 years ago.

It's a time of uncertainty and you need to help your students as best as you can. Help them with their resume and job interviewing skills. Will they need to take an entry math test for the job? They may need to brush up on their basic, and sometimes not so basic, math skills. Sometimes what they need is a friend who will "listen".

Students are grateful for what ever you can do to help.... so keep up the great work!