Thursday, June 17, 2010

GED Math and Adding Integers

Does adding numbers give you trouble? When you see a problem like 5 + (-3), do you want to run away! You are not alone.

Adding negative numbers can be challenging.... that is until you put it in terms of money. Let me give you an example.

If I take a problem like 5 + (-3), I start with the first number... and that is the amount in my checkbook. Granted, $5 is not alot. But in today's economy, I will take what I can get:)

So, if I start with $5 in my account and then I write a check for $3 (thus the -3).... I now only have $2 left in my account!

Simple enough, isn't it.

Let's try one more.

-15 + 25

Let's say I checked my account this morning and found out that I am over drawn by $15 (thus the -15). But I was able to scrape together $25 and deposit it into my account (+25). I now have $15 in my account.

Hope this helps you with adding positive and negative numbers.

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